Why Sovereign Health?

Sovereign Health Group is one of the nation’s leading treatment centers for addiction and mental health disorders.

Our programs utilize individual and group therapies along with several alternative therapies to ensure any underlying issues are properly addressed and treated.

Every patient receives the tools and the support framework to reduce the risk of relapse. One component of the support network is intensive outpatient treatment or IOP. Leaving residential treatment can be an anxious time for some patients. IOP ensures our alumni remain connected to the sober community.

Recovery isn’t just about sobriety; knowledge plays an integral part. Sovereign Health Group sponsors all types of mental health and addiction events in an effort to spread the word about new and emerging treatment methods. We host webinars, networking events, luncheons, alumni gatherings and more. Networking is as important to recovery as it is to employment. Remaining sober, in body and mind, requires hard work. It requires the courage to ask for help. A strong support network is imperative–not only to a sober life, but to a happy life.

To learn more about our events, programs and read patient reviews, call 855-969-5557.

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