Sovereign Health Group is one of the leading treatment providers for addiction, and mental health disorders in the United States. Our facilities in California, Arizona, Utah and Florida provide treatment for both adults and adolescents. Each location has a professional, multi-disciplinary staff that works to provide every patient with a comprehensive treatment program while addressing any and all underlying conditions to ensure a lasting recovery.

Each program includes a thorough assessment, along with multiple therapeutic methods to help patients according to their needs. We believe in treating the individual and not the disease. Each location is equipped to offer both individual and group therapies as well as alternative therapies like yoga, mindfulness training and art therapy. Sovereign Health Group makes sure to provide support even after a patient has graduated from the program and has re-entered the real world.

Sovereign Health Group accepts most major insurance plans making treatment affordable and accessible.

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Sovereign Health Group’s Webinars & Events group provides helpful and informational events that contribute to the field of behavioral health. These include events for our alumni, webinars, networking luncheons, continuing education presentations and more. Each event contributes to the behavioral health field, helping to support our current and graduated patients.

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