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National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention (3D) Month: Tips for safe driving this holiday season

People are in a joyous mood in the holiday season and the number of road mishaps usually are go up during this time with many of them getting excessively drunk or drugged. They do not hesitate to drive recklessly without assessing the risks. In the United States, 28 people succumb to impaired driving every day, which is equivalent to one death in every 51 minutes. However, the number of such cases can be reduced by being more vigilant.

The month of December is observed as the National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention month in order to raise awareness and prevent impaired driving crashes. Community and government efforts are directed toward running mass campaigns to gain audience participation and serve as meaningful intervention platforms.

Some of the life-saving strategies could be:

  1. Choosing a designated driver: For the one who is going to a party, it is important to have a designated driver. This should be planned in advance to avoid last minute hurdles. The designated driver should remain sober that evening and not get tempted to have any drink. It is also important that the driver has a valid license and emergency contact numbers.
  1. Using public transport: If one is not able to find a driver, one should resort to using public transportation like bus, train or a cab. The mode is economical, convenient and safe, especially for those who guzzle down lots of drinks at a party.
  1. Booking hotel or sleeping over: If most of the attendees of a party indulge in drinks or take drugs, it is important that the host has some sleepover arrangements because driving under the influence can cause trouble for everybody. If the number of guests is high, one can consider booking rooms in a hotel for that night so that people can drive in sobriety in the morning.
  1. Hiding or taking the keys: The host of the party should be clever enough to take keys from all the guests and hand them over to only those who are sober when they leave for home.
  1. Using non-alcoholic beverages: It is important to serve alcohol-free beverages like sodas, mojitos and ice teas so that designated drivers do not get tempted to have alcohol. Taking alcohol-free beverages in between alcohol shots will also help cause less hangover.
  1. Eating food properly: The host of a party must offer meal to the guests. Many people start by serving dinner so that their guests do not get highly drunk. If the host does not offer food, the attendees should carry their own food or eat before leaving for any get-
  1. Starting early: It is important to start parties early so that guests can leave on time, have public transport at their disposal and get plenty of time to get sober.

Fun without alcohol or drugs

One can enjoy holidays with a lot of pomp and festivity if he/she is careful and responsible. Drinking and getting drugged at an event and then sitting behind the wheel can be a life-threatening event, claiming the lives of innocents. It can also lead to incarceration, loss of job and extreme mental distress that can mar the spirit of the holiday. Choosing to stay away from alcohol and drugs, having a sober companion, leaving from the party a little early, and choosing other means of happiness and celebration are some of the ways to deter a person from committing a grave mistake. For those who find it hard to quit the substance but wish to, get help at the earliest.

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