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National Humor Month: How to add humor to your life

“We don’t stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing.”

Michael Pritchard, the world renowned comedian, has aptly said this line. As we grow older, our roles, responsibilities keep on increasing and our priorities also change. Stressful job, fussy kids at home, an indifferent spouse, hostile coworkers and many more factors can suck the humor out of our lives, making it tedious and drab. Such is life. It throws an inevitable curve ball at us every now and then and the best way to strike back is with humor. Humor can help a person navigate smoothly through the trickiest of situations. Therefore, one must strive to incorporate humor in one’s life.

In a bid to encourage people to celebrate humor, laughter and joy, every year, the month of April is observed as the National Humor Month. It was founded in 1976 by an eminent author and comedian Larry Wilde, director of The Carmel Institute of Humor in California. This was initaited with a vision to spread extensive awareness in general public about the therapeutic value of humor and how it can help one to improvise their health, interpersonal relationships, and enrich the overall quality of their lives.

Humor can be made a habit if practiced regularly. Here are some different ways of adding humor to your daily life.

Surround yourself with funny and witty people: One’s company can have a huge impact on their nature and thought processes. If one is always around people who try to find humor in every situation and laugh often, one is blessed, because laughter is contagious. Humor can help build stronger bonds at workplace and home.

Keep pictures of people laughing everywhere: Out of all the good experiences, one has had while studying, traveling and through various other phases, one must fetch and frame the best pictures that show one laughing. Place these pictures and keep them on the workstation or bedside table or at any other place, where one’s gaze travels often. These pictures will remind one of the fun time that one had, making them smile and uplifting their spirits.

Read and watch comedy: After a long day at work, drama-based tele sitcoms can be a source of upsetting thoughts. On the other hand, if one opts for reading comedy books or watching comedy videos and movies, one will feel invigorated immediately and the effects will last for much longer.

Self-depreciate instead of insulting others: One must always refrain from indulging in black humor, pertaining to gender, caste, age, etc., as it may hurt other people’s sentiments. Instead, one can sometimes try laughing at their own selves. This will reflect how funny, honest and humble one is and it might also strengthen one’s relationships with the others around.

Mental health is important

Worldwide literature is inundated with studies highlighting the role that humor plays in boosting the physical and mental health of a person. It helps in stress alleviation and sleep disturbances. Besides, it makes an individual a pleasant person to be around. It not only eases anxiety and depression, rather it also helps a person build resilience.

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