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National Mental Health Awarenes Month: How to be more mindful and productive at work

Nadia was a young 26-year-old corporate lawyer who had everything at her disposal or so it seemed. Last Monday when she reached office, she got flustered when she realized that she had three client meetings to attend, had to give two presentations, attend a training session and meet deadlines for a few of her pending assignments. She still hadn’t eaten anything by noon and had a long list of tasks to close. Suddenly, she blacked out and fainted. Later, she was diagnosed as being highly stressed.

A lot of people can relate to Nadia and many could be on the brink of a breakdown. Life these days is extremely busy with many things to take care of at any given point of time. This builds up a lot of anxiety, which if ignored for a long period of time, might lead to serious mental distress.

In order to reach out to people suffering from mental illness and disseminate awareness to combat stigma attached to it, every year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) observes the National Mental Health Awareness Month. On this occasion, people must pledge to take the reigns of their mental health in their own hands and look at various ways in which they can be more mindful and productive at work.

Practice mindfulness to ensure higher productivity at work

Minfulness is a great way to learn to be in the present moment and also helps one enjoy his or her work more. Given below are some of the ways in which one can practice mindfulness at work and increase productivity:

  1. Breathe deeply: Though this appears to be a simple activity, it can make a huge difference to an individual. Breathing deeply can calm the nerves and bring back focus. One should practice this technique at least 2-3 times a day. Five-minute sessions of deep breathing are capable of alleviating the heart rate and blood pressure, and restore peace of mind.
  2. Unplug: Sometimes people are so hooked onto their cell phones and consequently, are unable to differentiate between their real and digital lives. Constantly fiddling with the phone while someone is talking can give a bad impression. It is important to give more importance to the task at hand and concentrate on that. Also, deciding upon a period of time, during which, one would not use the phone at all, can help in unplugging truly and relax the mind.
  3. Prioritize: One of the reasons why some people get so worked up and frustrated at the drop of a hat is that they do not know how to prioritize their tasks. One must devote at least some time during the first hour in office at making a to-do list and then execute that list. This will condition the mind to work towards achieving timely goals, easing out the stress as the day progresses.
  4. Listen: At times, the mind is so preoccupied that one misses out on something that was conveyed to him or her. This can cost a person his or her job. While at work, one should try to focus on work only. One can attend to personal obligations during breaks. One must try to be a good listener, try to make eye contact and be fully engaged. Good listening can help in building cordial relationships with coworkers, customers and the management.
  5. Journal: Journaling can bring help focus. One should devote at least a few minutes each day to write down about how their day went at work, what were the highs and lows, what could have been done in a better way and what could have been avoided. This would help an individual tremendously in realizing what are their weaknesses and strengths are and over time, he or she can concentrate much better.

Reach out

Sometimes, when the stress gets chronic one might not be able to apply the self-help techniques and would need medical help. In such a case, one must seek professional help to conquer their anxiety and enrich the overall quality of life.

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