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National Stress Awareness Month: 5 ways to beat stress at home

In this age of cut-throat competition, the quest for success often results in insurmountable stress and multiple health issues. For Americans, stress is a perennial problem, with regular reports that clearly establish a relationship between stress and various mental health issues. Healthcare professionals have repeatedly emphasized the need to increase public awareness about the various causes and effects of stress and methods to cope with it. To reflect on various methods that would help weed out stress and anxiety from our minds, every year, April is observed as the Stress Awareness Month.

According to a survey published by the American Psychological Association (APA), chronic stress is gnawing away the overall well-being of the people in the United States. The most worrisome aspect of the survey was that more and more respondents reported the pangs of stress affecting their sleep patterns as well as day-to-day chores.

Several traumatic events or failure to lead life in a preconceived way—and often faltered— sometimes trigger and aggravate stress. However, albeit tricky, there are certain ways one can adopt at home that would help shed mental anxiety and stress, and live in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, we will discuss five such ways to distress and live a healthy and happy life:

  1. Meditation: The importance of meditation is central to dealing with stress. By meditating, one levitates to a different zone altogether and is able to free the mind from disconcerting thoughts. Experts say that even less than 10 minutes of meditation everyday can help one decrease anxiety and improve mental and physical well-being
  2. Getting the tech out of your way, at least temporarily: Despite making lives convenient, which is beyond any doubt, technology has also significantly affected the mental well-being of the Americans. One cannot airbrush it any longer as something less important compared to other causes of stress. In a polling of 3,500 adults the APA conducted in 2017, it found that people constantly hooked on their digital devices exhibited higher levels of stress compared to those who spent lesser time.
  3. Getting enough sleep: For everything else, sleep is always the casualty. Longer working hours often translates into less sleep and more caffeine and nicotine. The APA maintains that nearly one-third of Millennials attribute lack of sleep to pondering on all things they need to do or have not done. However, it is important to understand that the mind works at its peak potential only when it gets ample rest. Seven to eight hours of daily sleep reinvigorates the mind and body readying one for the everyday challenges.
  4. Striking a conversation: No one cares more than one’s family. So, occasionally having a conversation with the partner, parents or siblings will go a long way in relaxing the mind. It need not always be a serious conversation, but aimed toward spending quality time with loved ones. Just doing this will steer the mind from all the worries of the world and help in de-stressing.
  5. Surrounding oneself with positive clues all around: One should never underestimate the impact of visual reminders. A positive quote or photograph is often enough to channelize the mind in the right direction. Try to fill the empty walls of the home and desk with quotes that propel the mind toward good thoughts and foster a sense of well-being.

Helping deal with stress

Corporate America is increasingly facing the brunt of stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 26 percent of the employed population reported that they are “often burned out or stressed” due to stressful nature of their work.

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