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Purposeful Parenting Month: Dysfunctional parental personality traits and its effect on children

Parents are not only responsible for their child’s basic, physical and mental health needs but also play a key role in helping them reach their full potential. A healthy parent-child relationship can help minimize risks of mental health and substance use disorders. Among a variety of risk factors for mental illness, the personality of the parents plays an important role in a child’s upbringing and has a significant impact on his/her development.

While not much has been done to investigate the association between parental personality traits and increased risk of mental health problems in the offspring, a new study has discovered the relationship between dysfunctional parental personality mannerisms and anxiety, depression and tendency to self-harm in the offspring.

For the study, researchers investigated the association between dysfunctional parental personality traits when the child was nine-years-old and the risk of the offspring developing mental health disorders including anxiety, depression and self-harm at the age of 18. The researchers used data from over 8,000 parents and children from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. To measure dysfunctional parental personality traits, they utilized the Karolinska Scales of Personality inventory.

According to the authors, higher levels of dysfunctional maternal personality traits were associated with a high risk of anxiety, depression and self-harm in children. Compared with the offspring of mothers with no dysfunctional personality traits, offspring of women with three or more dysfunctional personality traits were found to be 2.27 times as likely to be depressed, the study found. While accumulation of dysfunctional maternal personality traits was found to be associated with an offspring’s mental health disorders, the absence of associations for equivalent paternal personality traits makes it unlikely to devise a genetic explanation for the study findings.

Benefits of positive parenting

Much like purposeful parenting, positive parenting involves having a specific set of goals and objectives for the child especially in terms of his/her attitude and behavior. Having these help the parents raise healthy and well-rounded children in a conscious and intentional manner. Following are some of the benefits that positive parenting has on children:

  1. Improved chances of raising highly productive and successful adults.
  2. Raising responsible and healthy individuals.
  3. Optimum chances of developing a child’s cognitive functions.
  4. Maximum brain development of a child.

July is being observed as the Purposeful Parenting Month in the U.S. to boost positive ties between parents and children while realizing the significance of having a deep relationship. As July is the month when children are home for the long summer vacation, it allows parents to have productive and open discussions with their children and get a chance to understand how their wards feel about certain issues in life.

Seeking treatment for mental disorders

Sovereign Health, a leading mental health care provider, understands that positive and purposeful parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. Knowing the importance played by family in a patient’s psychological health and recovery process, our comprehensive mental health treatment programs integrate family therapy sessions with traditional therapies.

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