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The Matrix of IT: IT Appreciation

There is a saying that even the smallest act of kindness can mean the world to someone in need. This saying does not imply giving less, rather giving appreciation or a small gift can mean a lot to an employee under stress. As the only people capable of keeping the office systems running, IT professionals are always moving from one office to another in the company and may be low in numbers. It’s time for these soldiers of technology to get appreciation for their hard work behind the scenes.

Unknown levels of stress

There is never ending and thus unquantifiable amounts of work IT professionals complete after hours, since no one else can. The stress of an IT position with any company was explored in part two of this series. Through a GFI survey, David Kelleher explains that 22.5 percent of IT employees complete around 5 to 8 hours of overtime per week on average. Much of this work can involve being called in late at night or on the weekends to update systems when no other employees are around to use the computers.

Kelleher sets the stage for an IT professional and mounting anxiety: “The problems begin when our stress levels reach a point where it proves detrimental to our health, to our relationships and our general well-being.” As mentioned in part two of this series, Kelleher explains 36 percent of IT professionals miss out on social functions and time with children because of work. So how can the office and manager show appreciation for the IT professional?

Giving recognition and appreciation

Giving appreciation to an IT professional can be as simple as making eye contact saying thank you or giving public recognition for these actions. The little treats work too: bringing cookies, special coffee, sodas or chips to the team of IT professionals can at least incite a grin and bring levity to their day. Especially when they are cooped up behind screens and tangled in wires during the work week, usually without much gratitude. However, for the manager, IT appreciation day may be a chance to take the IT professional’s grievances and problems to heart.

Acknowledge the IT professionals who work overtime. Another idea could be to search the budget and make room for investment in much needed resources for the IT team. Buying the team lunch or awarding a gift card to those who worked extra hard that week. The appreciation can be a wonderful motivator in the workplace so save the date: IT appreciation day, Tuesday Sept. 15, 2015, and brainstorm appreciation-gift ideas.

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Written by Nick Adams, Sovereign Health Group writer

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